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AR Collection - Dunning Notices

What is a dunning notice?

A dunning notice is a payment demand sent to a customer in regard to their delinquent account. If there's still no payment after the first dunning notice, a second (more strongly worded) dunning notice is sent, followed by a third if necessary (Note: UCD student customers don't receive a third dunning notice).

Who issues dunning notices?

For Banner, Student Accounting mails dunning notices to customers.

For DaFIS, your department generates dunning notices.

Following are sample notices:

When are dunning notices sent?

Dunning notices are sent per the schedule.

What are some best practices for dunning notices?

See Collection Strategies.

What happens after I send dunning notices?

For Banner, Student Accounting will request that holds be placed on registrations for current students. For other Banner AR customers, Student Accounting (often in collaboration with the department) will determine whether to write off the balance or involve a collection agency. In making this determination, consider cost effectiveness.

For DaFIS, the department decides whether to refer the customer to a collection agency or to write off the balance. In making this decision, consider cost effectiveness.

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