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How Do I . . . Request a Vendor

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  What to do How to do it
A. If using an AP document, make sure employee/vendor option is set correctly. Each AP document has an option for payment to a vendor or to an employee. Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down field or check box to ensure that you search from the correct table. In general individuals who are paid by UCD will be listed in the Employee Lookup table. Conflict of interest policy generally prohibits employees from being utilized and paid as outside vendors.
B. Perform search. On the Vendor Lookup screen:
  • Enter the Vendor Name. Don't forget to enter wildcards before and after search text.
  • If you get no results, search in the Remit to Vendor Name field instead. Some vendors have a corporate name which differs from their "Doing Business As" name.
  • If you get too many results
  • use additional fields to narrow down your results, including the City and/or State fields.
  • Refer to our online resource for additional vendor search tips.

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