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How Do I . . . Request a Vendor

Step 3: Process Vendor Add/Update Request Form    INTRO  1  2  3  
  What to do How to do it
A. Choose the appropriate form. Choosing the correct form ensures that a vendor request is processed accurately and efficiently:
  • One of the Add Vendor forms should be used if the vendor does not currently exist in DaFIS. There are four different Add Vendor forms, depending on the type of business (individual or company) and location (U.S. or foreign). It is important to choose the correct form, as different types of information are required on each form.
  • One of the Update Vendor forms should be completed if the vendor currently exists in DaFIS and changes need to be made to the vendor record (e.g., adding a new address, supplying a tax ID#, reactivating an inactive vendor number). As with the Add Vendor forms, there are four types of Update Vendor forms: individual/company, U.S./foreign.
B. Complete the requested information. For all requests the full name of the vendor, complete address, and contact phone number are required. In addition:
  • Include either a Social Security Number (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for U.S. vendors/payees. This piece of information is necessary for tax reporting purposes and will expedite requests.
  • Indicate a web site address associated with the vendor. This information can be helpful for future inquiries with that vendor.
  • Specify if an address is a replacement or an additional address in the Comments section.
  • Use correct formatting on the form. Exclude dashes when entering the FEIN or SSN and include dashes when entering the phone number. When dashes are used in the FEIN/SSN field or parentheses are entered in a phone number, digits get cut off.
  • When indicating document type DC on the vendor request, include a comment regarding payment purpose (e.g., honorarium, research subject, etc.). Without a comment, we will contact you to make sure it is not for a refund or reimbursement. For more information, click on Procedures on the AP Direct Charge Online Reference Manual.

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