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Using PuTTY's PSCP.exe With A Private Key

Before You Start...

If you would like to use PuTTY's PSCP.exe to connect to the server using a private key, follow the steps below. In order to use the PuTTY client, you will need to have a username, and the server administrator must configure a private key to make your connection. This connection type is for advanced users who are familiar with general command line usage and scripting.


Command Line: c:\putty\pscp.exe -i putty_id_rsa_1024.ppk c:\putty\File1.txt c:\putty\File2.txt c:\putty\File3.txt feedusr1@fis-depot.ucdavis.edu:/Directory/
Command Line Notes:
  • Replace feedusr1 with your login name and modify the "putty_id_rsa_1024.ppk" key name to match your key.
  • In order to use a key, you will need to use puttygen.exe to generate, import, and or export your keys.
  • PuTTY requires a PuTTY key file to make a private key connection.
  • The example above references three files to upload but one or two files will also work.

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