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Commodity Codes

  • Commodity Code Basics
  • Commodity Code Logic
  • Commodity Code Rules
  • Commodity Lookup Examples
  • Commodities with Special Conditions Routing
  • Special Use Commodity Codes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Commodity Code Logic
    Commodity codes fall into two main categories: supply/service and equipment. Supply/service commodities always begin with a number; equipment commodities always begin with a letter. The table below shows the logic in how commodities are grouped.

    Supply Code Equipment Code Description
    0xxxx Axxxx Room-environment control, and service charges
    1xxxx Bxxxx Primary Materials, which are defined as follows:
    Shapeless, used in bulk, and assumes the shape of the container in which placed; usually in liquid, gaseous, lump, or powder form
    Requires a change in at least one characteristic before it can be put to its final use (as in the cutting of a rod, application of paint, or the melting of an ingot).
    2xxxx Cxxxxx General purpose commodities for structural, mechanical movement, hydraulic, and pneumatic purposes
    3xxxxx Dxxxx General purpose commodities for electrical and electronic purposes, and manufacturing/repair tools or equipment
    4xxxxx Exxxx Laboratory equipment and supplies, measuring devices, specific purpose equipment and supplies for laboratories, and measuring and recording instruments
    5xxxx Fxxxxx Medical equipment and supplies including surgical, dental, ophthalmic, and veterinary
    6xxxx Gxxxx Agricultural, horticultural, building and road construction, housekeeping/janitorial, and food/food service equipment and supplies
    7xxxxx Hxxxx Office, printing, photography, communications, audio-visual, and library equipment and supplies including music, art, and instructional aids
    8xxxx Jxxxx Transportation, material handling/packaging, and storage equipment and supplies
    9xxxx Kxxxx Athletic and recreation, security/safety, and oceanographic

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