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Commodity Codes

  • Commodity Code Basics
  • Commodity Code Logic
  • Commodity Code Rules
  • Commodity Lookup Examples
  • Commodities with Special Conditions Routing
  • Special Use Commodity Codes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Special Use Commodity Codes
    In addition to the commodity codes representing items purchased, there are some codes for special uses. These are generally used to indicate charges/credits for intangibles, and many can be used on a Vendor Invoice document. Just a few of these codes are listed below.

    Code Description/Purpose
    ADJUSTCR Purchase order adjust credit (for supply purchases only)
    ADJUSTDB Purchase order adjust debit (for supply purchases only)
    DISCOUNT Discount (dollar amount entered as a negative value)
    FREIGHT Freight/shipping charge
    FREIGHTEQ Freight charge, equipment purchase only
    FREIGHTU3 Freight charge, DU3 only
    FRT&HND Shipping & handling
    HANDLING Handling goods
    NOTES Notes field, 2000 characters (qty & price not required)
    PARTS Parts charges on DRO payment
    REBATE1 Rebate, for equipment (equipment or credit)
    REBATE2 Rebate, credit toward equipment purchase (on account)
    REBATE3 Rebate for supply (material or credit)
    RESTOCK Restock fee
    TRADEEQ Trade-in equipment
    TRADESU Trade-in supplies

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